Facility Rules

2021 MVP Indoor Facility COVID Protocols and Usage Instructions - updated 12/6/2021

All coaches, players and parents are expected to read and adhere to the COVID protocols usage instructions outlined below:

  • Masks are required for players and coaches who are not vaccinated and highly recommended for all players. Vaccinated coaches will likely not wear masks as it is difficult to instruct with masks on.
  • MVP will follow FCPS COVID-19 guidelines regarding eligibility to participate in team activities, i.e., if a player is not allowed to participate in an FCPS activity on a given day due to COVID-19 concerns, they cannot participate in MVP hitting that day.
  • Illness / Symptoms-  players and coaches must remain home if they have any illness or symptoms of COVID-19
  • Only current registered players and coaches are permitted in the facility - parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. are not permitted inside.
    • Please do not enter the facility until your assigned time and the team ahead of you has all left
    • Incoming teams should enter via the main entrance at their exact start time
    • Outgoing teams should leave via the garage side door a little before their end time. Please leave promptly at the end of your session - this means that you need to stop 5 minutes early to pick up balls and pack up. The entire team should be outside by your session end time
    • Please be considerate and start and end your sessions on time. If you want to meet with your team past your end time then do so in the parking lot
  • Social distancing - players and coaches should make the effort to distance themselves from others.
  • Open the garage door and the entrance door to provide airflow when possible
    • Players should expect it to be on the colder side and dress accordingly
  • Cleaning - the facility will be cleaned regularly
  • Sanitizer - players and coaches will bring their own hand sanitizer to events and apply it often
  • Reporting - the head coach, lead instructor or parent must report any COVID-19 positive player or coach to their manager and mvpbaseballschool@yahoo.com within 12 hours of finding out
  • Additionally, please ensure all players and coaches read and adhere to the facility rules displayed on the wall when entering the facility. The most critical of these is that all players must wear helmets
  • If there is no team using the facility after you please be sure to lock the doors (including the garage door) and turn off the lights